We live in a world where people sometimes forget nothing is permanent. Many assume life continues the same way and that opportunities to correct wrongs would always be available.

Some of my older siblings have passed away. However, my relationship with each of them was different in a few ways.


Just as my sisters did, I adored Kweku our oldest sibling. He was also the only brother. Before he left home, he used to do house cleaning in the morning for some of our sisters so they could go to school early. He also helped them with their homework including sewing assignments! Kweku was an accomplished cook! Without interfering, he kept an eagle eye on our marriages to ensure his sisters were in good hands!

Along with other forms of financial support, he took over payment of my school fees from my parents. We his sisters also spoiled him in so many ways.


My oldest sister, Abena had a keen sense of humour. She also worked hard at house cleaning and made life easy for our parents in the home. When our mother became old, Abena would visit regularly from her home to give her baths that the old lady thoroughly enjoyed. Abena did not leave that responsibility to her sisters who were still at home. My Christmas presents when she was working made me feel so exceptional.


The next sibling, Akosua had a quiet sense of humour. During her teens, she often carried her little sisters on her back, well past the age appropriate for enjoying such a privilege. Akosua chose nursing as a career because she wanted family members to enjoy safe delivery of their babies. She also sent me materials for new clothes at Christmas and made me feel so special.


The fourth sibling, Adwoa treated me like her daughter until the end of her life. When she started working, she made sure I always spent my school vacations with her family. This made our parents miss me a lot! Our mother disapproved of the fashionable manner Adwoa often styled my hair! When she could no longer sew for me, she regularly sent materials to the dressmaker. Without knowing the charges, I would collect the clothes after they had been made.


As the last born of the family, I thoroughly enjoyed my special position. My needs were not many and they were more than satisfied. I learnt so much about life from my late siblings.

I praise the Lord and am grateful to Him for the long lives these siblings lived. I will never forget the fellowship we shared together.

Akosua was the last to leave the world. She passed away in June this year and her funeral was held two days ago- this past Saturday. COVID-19 health protocols were observed throughout the ceremonies.

Akosua, rest in perfect peace in the Lord along with our parents and our other siblings who passed away before you.

These are comforting words from the Bible for us and everybody:

” And I heard a voice from heaven saying, ‘ Write this down: Blessed are those who die in the Lord from now on. Yes, says the Spirit, they are blessed indeed, for they will rest from their hard work; for their good deeds follow them!‘” ( Revelations 14:13 New Living Translation).


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  1. I am sorry for your loss. I am also happy for the time you had with your family members. Yes you are right, that nothing is permanent is this world. On the passing of my mom, my aunt told me to remember that no joy is permanent and no sorrow is permanent either. We are here for a short time relative to eternity. 🙏💖

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