This beautiful elderly woman, in the prime of her life, worked at a busy establishment until retirement. She still has beautiful skin, and a soft voice which reveal her polite and thoughtful nature. I was one of her co- workers and she highly impressed me with her skill in the financial management of her resources. I admired Lena’s performance so much that I have decided to honour her today.

When she started working, Lena joined the local credit union and monthly deductions were made from her salary. She knew when she would need those savings and so never touched them until the right time. Lena also sold household products to supplement her income.

Apart from food and other essential requirements for her family, Lena only bought clothes and other required items for the child who would be entering senior high school. This happened throughout the period that child was in junior high school. Everything that child needed for the next stage of her education was ready by the end of that period.

By the date that child had to enter senior high school , her school fees would have been withdrawn from Lena’s credit union savings. Everything else was already packed for school. And Lena would accompany the child to school on her first day. She saw her children through high school to university. These children went on to acquire higher degrees.They are now working and together supporting their mother in her old age.

Lena now has her own home and is leading a life of leisure. Her example can inspire others to manage their finances well even when they do not earn high salaries.

God bless you Lena to enjoy old age in peace, good health and contentment. My friend and sister, I salute you as the Minister of Finance of your family!

No wonder the Bible declares, Lazy people want much but get little, but those who work hard will prosper ( Proverbs 13:4 New Living Translation).


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  1. May God Bless all Mother’s for all the sacrifices they make, to keep the family going. Amazing Mother! Unique in all her ways.

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