I am grateful to the Lord for my life, health and everything good that I went through. For the bad and uncomfortable situations, I am grateful he gave me the strength and wisdom to go through to become a better person.

My birthday passed quietly because I didn’t want any celebration with a party, gifts, birthday cake, drinks and guests. I wanted my family to save the money to buy me an Apple laptop for my next birthday! This will enable me to write blog posts more professionally and to find more viewers and followers.

For a late small celebration next week, I will share a special dish with my family. This meal is prepared from boiled and mashed yam to which palm oil has been mixed. It is then served with peeled boiled eggs. This dish is more appetizing when garnished with green, red and yellow vegetables.

Reflecting on my life so far, I realize I have led a wonderful life because I had wonderful parents and siblings as well as the right environment. My family provided all I needed to receive quality education and sound upbringing. I was a vibrant child who became shy in latter years. But I reverted in my adulthood to my former strong, out going self and now relate to people on equal footing.

Since I retired from working as librarian in a medical school, I have been helping my older siblings in their old age to lead comfortable lives while I assist my children to care for my grandchildren. I started blogging about three years ago. In addition, I associate with young people so we learn from each other.

It will be a pleasant surprise if on Black Friday I win the MACBOOK PRO laptop on free offer from Elegant Themes. The link to this Divi Black Friday Sale is (No follow)

If I win, my family can get me another present next year with what they would have saved for a laptop for me! I know Apple products have extraordinary quality and last long. My older Apple iPhone 7 lasted 5 years and is still useable. Now I have a newer model. You may also enter the draw to win if you qualify to do so.

I am now working hard to post blogs regularly and I know winning this MacBook Pro will go a long way to make that journey easier and more attractive for me.

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