Amongst my siblings I was the last child to be born. While growing up, I did not have a younger sister or brother to order about. I was brought up by my Christian parents to deeply love and respect them and my brother and sisters. I do not remember ever being rude to or hitting... Continue Reading →



Some people have this habit of frequently concluding, “ Something goes wrong every day in my life!" The reasons for this statement can be many. Examples are when a particular person or someone they know in their family or society falls sick or gets into a terrible situation ; or someone they know dies. This... Continue Reading →

Powerful Words!

The expressions please, thank you and I am sorry are such powerful words that they are often described as magical! Many parents teach their children when they are very small to use these expressions, often to show good upbringing, politeness and concern for others. We hear toddlers say pees for please, tantiu for thank you,... Continue Reading →

Marriage is Work!

This means that when a man and a woman enter marriage together, they must realize each has in a sense become the employee of the other but in a business that they jointly own! Most people work for pay and job satisfaction. They also work hard to please employers, to earn promotion, receive increase in... Continue Reading →

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